Complimentary Consultations

CBD is different in that most people would like to take it, but not many people know how much or what kind to take. It’s especially challenging if you’ve tried CBD and haven’t felt the results you were looking for. If this is your situation, you may find help by scheduling a one-one consultation with a certified CBD consultant and trained dosage specialist.

Certified CBD Consultants are specially trained on how CBD works, which method of ingesting is best and what dosages are best to recommend for first time or experienced consumers.

We're Here to Help!

For many individuals, adding CBD supplementation to one’s daily routine can be overwhelming.

The CBD market can be daunting for a new or experienced consumer. There’s almost an overabundance of information, and it can be difficult to distinguish what is reliable.

As certified CBD consultants and dosage specialists, MelaMed Premium CBD is proud to offer guidance through this process. We can help you identify the best types of CBD, methods of consumption, dosage amounts, medication interactions, and so much more.

Our team of experts combined with up-to-date knowledge, and unrivaled compassion will guide you through all the confusion, listen to your concerns, and thoroughly explain the potential benefits.

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