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Non-psychoactive, non-intoxicating and an anti-inflammatory compound, hemp-derived CBD (cannabidiol) has been shown to have enormous therapeutic potential for mind and body.

Simple, natural and effective! CBD is used to relieve stress & anxiety, as well as a wide range of issues including skin irritations, muscle soreness, joint discomfort and restless sleep

Backed by a 45-day money-back guarantee, scientific studies and third party testing, we’re dedicated to industry leading standards for purity, safety and trusted consistency. 


Why People Love MelaMed Premium CBD & Wellness Products:


I was on a long flight to Hawaii from the East coast, and the nighttime gummies helped me nap and pass the time.
They kept me relaxed enough to fall back asleep easily.

The cherry hibiscus flavor was delightful and unique. You gotta love the Michigan cherry focus, great taste, organic and high quality ingredients, and stringent testing.

Delivers on calm, happy and relaxed!

Alisha L.


I had difficulty with sleep and other issues. I have been taking the chocolate cherry flavored CBD gummy bites for a few months and what an overall difference they’ve made. Blessed to have found something all natural that works!

I’m able to sleep thru out the night and able to get out of bed without any pain the following morning.

Great products, customer for life!

Gary R.


I have been using the products and they are very tasty and they helps me go to sleep at night. I wake up easier and not drowsy like how I use to be.

If you haven’t tried this out you need to! The orange blossom oil tastes great and is easy to use.

Stop taking all the medications the doctors hand out and use the organic stuff, it’s way better for your body.

Angela C.


Awesome quality and flavors of CBD gummies. MelaMed offers a great variety of CBD gummies for my many different needs.

I love that they are all hand-crafted and small batch. I like the cherry gummies for sleep. I get a relaxing night of sleep and don’t wake up feeling groggy.

I also like to take the regular CBD gummies for arthritic pain in the joints of my hands. They help ease the pain.

Laurette C.

About MelaMed Premium CBD satisfaction guaranteed

Satisfaction Guarantee

About MelaMed Premium CBD 3rd party tested

3rd Party Tested

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cbd lab report michigan made in the usa

100% Made in USA

About MelaMed Premium CBD 100% natural

100% Natural

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Pesticide Free

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Sustainable Packaging

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Grown Organically

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