cbd for menstrual pain

CBD for Menstrual Pain

CBD for menstrual pain relief – How effective is it?

We can all relate to the pain and discomfort that comes once-a-month. It’s an entirely natural series of physiological events women experience during their reproductive phase.

Many moms who use CBD have praised the compound for relief from the associated pain and discomfort that trail this tormenting monthly visitor.

Menstrual Pain: Signs and Symptoms

Menstruation, and its associated pain and discomfort, indicates optimal body functioning. This natural process can involve pain and lower abdominal cramps.

Other accompanying symptoms of menstrual pain can include:

  • Mood swings
  • Drowsiness
  • General body weakness
  • Fainting
  • Bloating

While the discomforts are a norm during your period, you may seek help if the pain and cramps hit too hard – but where you look for help matters.

Common Therapies for Menstrual Cramps

To alleviate the monthly discomfort and pain that come with menstruation, many women are holding on to whatever promises them relief. Over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers like acetaminophen and ibuprofen are top on the list of these self-care methods.

Research shows that women who engage in low-intensity physical activity – such as yoga and stretching – experience significant menstrual pain relief, with even better results than OTCs.

Heat therapy has also proven to be effective, which involves the use of a hot water bottle or heating pad.

However, the study did not detail the adverse effects of the treatment.

Can CBD Help Manage Menstrual Pain?

Many moms who use CBD for menstrual pain relief say it’s for good reasons.

NSAIDs, which have been the regular go-to for menstrual cramps and pain, work by inhibiting the COX-2 enzymes.

Sadly, these pharmaceutical painkillers contain properties that also inhibit the COX-1 enzyme that has entirely no correlation with pain and inflammation. Instead, the COX-1 enzyme is nature’s original provision to help you keep a healthy stomach lining and intestine.

The above narrative explains why health experts warn against prolonged use of NSAIDs, as they interfere with COX-1 functions, thereby increasing users’ risk of stomach ulcers.

Scary, right? Well, that doesn’t have to be you.

Interestingly, studies have revealed CBD’s ability to inhibit the COX-2 enzyme without limiting the COX-1 enzyme. Minding its sole business with COX-2 (the culprit), CBD can manage pain and inflammation without leaving users with the risk common with therapeutic medications.

Now you know the reason for the growing reviews from moms who use CBD, let’s discuss common ways you can use CBD for menstrual pain.

How to Use CBD for Menstrual Pain Relief

For moms who use CBD, it should be common knowledge that CBD comes in different forms. These varied CBD-infused options make dosage and application tricky, particularly for first-time users.

No worries, though – Here’s a quick guide on ways to use CBD for menstrual pain relief:

CBD Tampons and Suppositories for Menstrual Pain Relief

Appraisals from Moms who use CBD suppositories for cramps explain why we’ve received a load of questions on the safety and effectiveness of CBD-infused tampons in the last few weeks.

CBD-infused tampons are used like your regular tampons, while suppositories can be used rectally and vaginally.

Hemp oil, coconut butter, and coconut oil are common additions used in CBD suppositories. They come in a soft texture which easily melts inside the body.

However, adding CBD oil to tampons could cause various health risks, including bacterial vaginosis, an infection caused by pH imbalance.

Besides, due to the delicate environment of the female reproductive area, suppositories may irritate your vagina. Hence, many moms who use CBD say they prefer other forms of CBD for help with menstrual pain.


Lotions, balms, and creams are common examples in the class of CBD topicals. These topical applications are applied directly to the troubled part of the body where you feel cramps.

Measuring dosages can be a bit tricky when using CBD-themed topicals. It can involve a bit of trial and error to find what works best for you.

It is also recommended to start with a patch test – applying the topical CBD product on a small part of your skin – to test for any negative reactions.


This is arguably the tastiest, most discreet, and most fun way to enjoy CBD’s benefits. These tasty chews come in a myriad of sizes and flavors. For instance,  Reverend Smith’s Limited Edition Buckcherry Blend is one great yummy friend that can ease you into a wonderfully peaceful night.

Pills and Capsules

CBD capsules and pills mimic your everyday pharmaceuticals and can be consumed pretty much the same way – orally; popped, and washed down with liquid.

These capsules come with dosage recommendations, making it easier to gauge the amount consumed and resultant effects.


CBD tinctures are CBD extracts usually sold in bottles with a dropper. With the dropper, tinctures can be applied on the tongue, sublingually (beneath the tongue), or infused in drinks or foods. For dosage recommendations, refer to the product label.


CBD-themed patches are designed to be applied to the skin. CBD patches are applied to the target spot on the skin and left for a couple of days before replacement.

Other CBD Options for Menstrual Pain

If you seek other convenient alternatives, consider CBD-infused edibles and sprays.

While smoking in any form may not be the healthiest way to enjoy CBD, some moms who use CBD say they get faster results with smoking CBD buds, and vaping CBD concentrates. For clarity, CBD is not yet FDA-approved, as the CBD industry is still under scrutiny and widely under-regulated.

Before using CBD for menstrual pain relief, refer to the product label for a dosage guide or book a complimentary consultation with a certified CBD advisor here.

Otherwise, the rule of thumb says to begin with the lowest possible amount and work your way up to a more suitable dosage for your menstrual pain relief. If in doubt, it’s also suggested to contact your CBD-inclined physician/gynecologist.

According to the WHO, CBD is generally safe and widely tolerated. In doubt? Ask moms who use CBD.

Final Thoughts on CBD for Menstrual Pain

Studies are still underway on different potential uses of CBD – including CBD for menstrual pain relief.

However, from testimonials from first-hand experiences and supportive research reviews, many women are ditching their pharmaceutical pain relievers for CBD. Every week, we hear positive feedback from Michigan moms who use CBD for a range of health concerns.

Studies have established that CBD can help you maintain (or restore) your body’s standard functionality – a state called homeostasis. It can also influence the COX-2 receptor that helps manage pain and inflammation (as NSAIDs do) without inhibiting the enzyme that keeps your stomach walls and intestine healthy.

But with the poorly regulated CBD market and over 70% of counterfeit CBD products with misleading labels out there, it’s essential to insist on reputable CBD brands.

Ensure you’re buying a 100% quality CBD product from organic hemp oil and, importantly, those with valid third-party lab test certificates.

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